Why do you need e-commerce data and how do I know my e-commerce data is handled in a sensitive way?

Simplr Specialists need customer order related information from the partner’s e-Commerce

system to answer common post-sales questions such as “Where is my order?”, “Can I return

this item?”, “Can I cancel my order?”. Simplr’s platform was designed from the ground up with

partner data protection and customer data privacy in mind.

  • Simplr only accesses e-Commerce data via secured API endpoints, we do not copy

orders into our database.

  • e-Commerce data is accessed when needed one customer order at a time (no option for

bulk operations)

  • PII like customer email address is masked, unless the customer requests a change and provides the information as part of the inquiry with an agent
  • Actions taken by agents are logged and have traceability back to a specific agent
  • Partner determines whether to have Simplr agents give refunds, credits, or cancel orders
  • We do not expose any payment details nor do we take payment information