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What's on my Simplr dashboard?

Now you may ask, how do I know how Simplr is doing? Check out your Simplr dashboard to learn how we're making your customers happier and reducing your workload, in a matter of seconds.

Payment Info:

You will see a pop-up notification on your dashboard to add a payment method. After launching with Simplr, you will be charged $2.25 USD for each ticket that has been fully resolved by Simplr for the previous week. If we escalate a ticket to you or Simplr doesn't take the ticket, there is no charge for those tickets.


Questions Resolved/Tickets Solved:

This highlights the amount of questions that Simplr has resolved, meaning that the customer didn't have any additional questions for 48-hours, to ensure all of their needs were taken care of!


Incoming Questions:

The incoming questions are all of the questions that have come into your ticketing system platform. Simplr filters spam, solicitations and automated responses from our platform to avoid charges. 


First Response Time:

The FRT (First Response Time) outlines Simplr's average response time on tickets. This shows how we stack up! Simplr's speedy response rate is a great metric to compare to your current FRT within your ticketing system to show the overall improvement, thanks to our 24/7 support!


Top question Types:

This outlines the top questions that your business receives, to help you better understand the trends of what is important to customers.


Key Insights:

Key Insights will help you identify trends or hot issues impacting support efforts for your team. Having all of this information in a single place prevents you from having to sort through all your customer feedback while simultaneously building an understanding for the most relevant issues impacting your customers. The best part is you get this service for free!


That'll cover it! 

Have any questions? Shoot us a note by reaching out at hello@simplr.ai anytime, we are happy to help 😊