What problems might my business face when trying to solve our customer service needs?

Starting a business is already a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly process. Having to worry about customer service is a separate category of problem on its own, and many small businesses and scaling startups struggle to offer effective support solutions to their customers.

The main concerns for small businesses are typically:

  1. Seasonal peaks, after-hours and weekend customer inquiries are challenging - and sometimes nearly impossible to manage - with limited resources.
  2. Responding to surges in volume (i.e. a viral social post creating unexpected demand) can be great for the business, but it can put a lot of stress on an internal support team and your fulfillment pipeline.
  3. Keeping a qualified team of support professionals is a major challenge. Talented support specialists are in high demand and tend to shift companies when it best suits them, and those that stay with a company require regular training updates.
  4. Migrating from email to live chat requires a high level of responsiveness and availability. If your organization isn't immediately ready for this shift, the level of customer care may be negatively impacted.

Until now, the customer service industry was not designed for smaller, fast-moving, and more nimble businesses. Traditional outsourcers have larger organizations in mind, and they typically require: complex integrations, high volume, monster contracts, and minimum volume commitments.

That's a big part of why we like to keep things simple.