What does Simplr cost in comparison to other customer support solutions?

Simplr provides pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure that, on average, saves our retail & brand partners $3.50 on every chat or email conversation.

We’ll answer as many questions a customer may have until they are fully satisfied for 48 hours as part of our promise to provide high-quality, low-cost customer support resolutions. The entire completed interaction with that customer is considered a “resolution.”

Larger call center outsourcing companies typically charge their clients by the ticket or by the minute, so unresolved or inefficient resolutions will cost the business more money while the outsourcers increase their revenue.

The average cost per contact for an insourced 50-person call center is $6.55, with the cost decreasing while scale goes up. Simplr partners typically save 50-60% on their customer service costs, while expanding to 24/7 availability.

Simplr has no cap on tickets received or resolved and absolutely zero startup fees.