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Installing Simplr's Magento 1.x Extension

1. Temporarily reset permissions on your Magento Installation Directory.

To do this, follow steps A and B below. Or click here to view the guide written by Magento.

A. Change to the Magento installation directory. On CentOS, this is typically /var/www/html/magento. On Ubuntu, it is typically /var/www/magento.

B. Enter the following commands:

find . -type d -exec chmod 700 {} +

find . -type f -exec chmod 600 {} +

2. Installing the Simplr extension using the Magento Connect Manager.

   A. Log into the Magento Admin portal.
   B. Navigate to System →  Magento ConnectMagento Connect Manager


   C. Re-enter your Admin credentials.


   D. Download the Simplr extension file by clicking here, and choose it as the file to upload under the “Direct package file upload” section.


    E. Click the Upload button after choosing "Simplr's Magento1 Extension.tgz" 

After clicking Upload, you should see the following message if the installation was successful:

3. If you saw a successful installation message like in the screenshot above, reset your server permissions back to the original ones by following the instructions under "Restoring the Recommended Permissions".

Now you're all set!