How does Simplr use automation in customer service?

Machine learning is undoubtedly a revolutionary technology. Using it to automate processes and customer-facing interactions requires thoughtful implementation.

There are a few primary ways in which Simplr utilizes machine learning for the betterment of our specialists, our partners and their customers:

  1.  Bots collect and analyze data from customers on the initial point of contact to expedite any necessary administration. We want the data capture part of the experience to be as frictionless as possible.
  2. Our proprietary machine learning models augment what our specialists can do, saving them time and making it easier to locate resources they need to help your customers.
  3. Tickets are automatically routed to the best available customer service specialist for that specific type of inquiry and/or business.
  4. Our platform provides real-time shipping updates for e-commerce customers. 
  5. Based on the context of the interaction and customer rating, we can better train and evaluate our customer support specialists.