How does Simplr differ from using a call center?

We're all about keeping things simple around here. Long answer short, call centers largely target mid-to-large sized companies, leaving small business owners and growing startups left to scramble for efficient alternatives.

Until recently, there hasn't been a great way to fulfill support needs for these entrepreneurs without taking on vast amounts of spend in the form of time (training support staff, managing tickets and customer interactions) and capital (overhead, staff costs).

Simplr offers no minimum contracts or ticket volume but can scale up or down as is required by the business. No hassle, no time-consuming onboarding processes, and no massive overhead costs. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, upcharges, or startup costs that are typically charged by traditional outsourcers.

The best part about all of this is how much time you'll save by using our platform. Simplr is up and running in hours instead of the weeks or months that it takes a traditional outsourcer or internal hire to start serving customers.