How do you educate and train customer support specialists to best fit the needs of each individual company?

Quality is the backbone of what sets Simplr apart. Each expert is vetted by our personal selection process, cleared by our comprehensive background check, and certified to serve you.

Our machine learning model can also match the best fitting experts to your unique customers. This empowers Simplr to provide best-in-class customer service at a truly unbeatable price. Only 3% of applicants become Simplr experts; our specialists are highly engaged and motivated to help people get the answers they need.

The customer service roots of Simplr are deeply entrenched in working with e-commerce companies and retailers. By working with fast-growing brands who were unafraid to provide excellent customer experiences, we have discovered a core need for reliable, high-quality customer service.

Of course, every business is unique in what they do and how they serve their customers. We mix our experienced roots and machine learning models to analyze existing knowledge bases, FAQs, internal processes, and historical interactions with customers. This allows our team to understand the details of each question and answer, which then empowers our customer support specialists to refine responses.

If our team ever encounters a question we cannot immediately answer, we contact your team in order to learn the proper response and use it moving forward. We aim to keep an ongoing, transparent dialogue with your team about updates to the knowledge base we are drawing from.

If you only want Simplr to focus on a specific area, that's something we can work together on as well.