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How can Simplr ramp up during sales and add Specialists so immediately?

  •   Simplr 24/7 Command Center.  We have a team of command center analysts and operations managers who monitor network health, availability, and platform uptime to send real-time alerts and notifications to our Simplr Network. This ensures consistently fast response times and quality, no matter the day or time. Built with redundancy and disaster recovery through three locations in San Francisco, CA; Nashville, TN; and Manila, Philippines for around-the-clock coverage.


  • Surge Notifications - Simplr Specialists receive text messages on their phones. Simplr uses these notifications to alert Simplr Specialists to come online when there are spikes in volume.


  •   Surge Pay. Like other on-demand economy platforms, our Simplr Specialists are offered higher rates when demand exceeds capacity (i.e. when Airbnb properties get more expensive during peak season, or when Uber pricing surges after concerts). Simplr bears the risk and cost when Simplr Specialists are offered Surge Pay.


  •   Recruiting Pipeline. At any given time, we have thousands of SImplrFlex applicants who are on a waitlist to join our SimplrFlex program, as a result of our reputation for providing a great experience for workers. These additional Simplr Specialists have been pre-screened and can be background-checked and activated within days.