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How can Simplr help my Shopify store?

24/7, reliable, and rapid-fire customer service is becoming a necessity for online retail businesses. Simplr was designed exclusively to fit the needs and budgets of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

We bring top-notch, U.S.-based (human) customer service to Shopify retailers via live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger, integrated across a growing number of ticketing systems.

Our pay-what-you-need model means that you can ramp up support during times of high volume, and scale it down when things get quiet. 

By giving you access to high-quality customer service, Simplr helps your store by:

  1. Increasing sales and conversions through pre-sales support and 24/7 availability.
  2. Mitigating risk of devastating one-star reviews. A quick and empathetic response from a customer support specialist can placate even the angriest Yelper.
  3. Sharpening your competitive edge. In many consumers eyes, good customer service trumps price.
  4. Freeing you up to focus on growing the business.