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Integrating Kustomer with Simplr

  1. If your company uses identity management or single sign-on software (tools such as Okta, Ping Identity, etc.) to log into Kustomer, Simplr will need to be added to this before proceeding with the Kustomer instructions below.

    *If a named account is needed for this, please reach out to your Simplr Sales or Partner Success rep.
  2. Navigate to your Kustomer profile, i.e. https://[YourDomain].kustomerapp.com
  3. Invite an Admin user for Simplr's use.

Navigate to Settings > Users > Users > Invite User

Enter in the following information:
Type of User
: Full-time
: Simplr
Email: admin@gosimplr.com
Permissions: Administrator

Click Invite User in the menu.

    3a. Add an API Key for Simplr's use.
Open Settings > API Keys > Click New API Key

    3b. Fill out the form with:
        i. Name: Simplr API Key
ii. Roles [org.admin] and [org.user]
        iii. No Expiration scroll all the way down to see this option

       3c. Leave the "CIDR IP Restriction" box blank.

       3d. Click Create, and save your API Key in a separate location, like NotePad, and send it to your contact at Simplr.

(4. Optional) If you want one of your in-house agents to take tickets that Simplr escalates, please send his or her email address to your contact at Simplr.

If the agent does not currently have a Kustomer account:
Navigate to Settings > Users > Users > Click Invite User

Fill in the desired account details for this new user, and send the chosen email address to your contact at Simplr.

You're all set! Simplr will handle the rest of the integration process.