Integrating Gladly with Simplr

You must have access to a Simplr partner account in order to fully complete the following steps. If you don't already have an account, please visit and chat with us.

Part 1 – Setting up on Gladly's side:
  1. If your company uses identity management or single sign-on software (tools such as Okta, Ping Identity, etc.) to log into Gladly, Simplr will need to be added to this before proceeding with the Gladly instructions below.

    *If a named account is needed for this, please reach out to your Simplr Sales or Partner Success rep.
  2. Invite user to Gladly.
    1. Its roles should be "Administrator" and "API User" at minimum,
    2. Add this user to the email and chat (if applicable) inbox(es) from which Simplr should be taking tickets.
  3. Create an inbox for which tickets taken by Simplr should go. 
    1. This inbox should be named "Taken by Simplr",
    2. Add Simplr's agent to this inbox.
  4. Add an API token
    1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Add Token,
    2. Name the token "Simplr's Token" and save the API Key in a secure location for later use.
  5. Create the following topics for Simplr:
    1. Topic(s) added to each conversation that's taken by Simplr,
    2. Topic(s) added to each email conversation that's escalated by Simplr, and
    3. Topic(s) added to each chat conversation escalated by Simplr.


Part 2 – Setting up on Simplr's side:

  1. Log in to your Simplr dashboard here.
  2. Navigate to the Gladly installation page here.
  3. Enter the following information into the installation page:
    1. Your full Gladly URL: "[your_domain]",
    2. The Simplr agent's email:,
    3. The API Key from Part 1, step 3b,
    4. The name(s) of the chat and/or email inbox(s) from Part 1, step 1b ,
    5. This step hinges on what service you want from Simplr, so it might not be applicable to you. Please discuss with your contact at Simplr: The name of the inbox where Simplr's chat escalations should go during business hours, and the name of the inbox where Simplr's chat escalations should go outside of business hours. Also, set your business hours in the provided calendar,
    6. Input the inbox name "Taken by Simplr",
    7. Add the topics created in step Part 1, 4a, b, and c.
    8. Click the Install button, and you should see a success message.

You're all set! If you come across any issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to your contact at Simplr. Thank you!