How does Simplr differentiate from similar customer service solution providers like chatbot services?

Simplr is uniquely positioned to offer responses from humans and bots alike. At our core, we support customers using human-powered responses backed by our proprietary machine learning engine. Interactions with customers start at a high bar and get better over time, supported by automatically updated knowledge bases and AI-driven context.

Chat bot models typically aim to automate 40% of a customer service load, though they are more likely to only handle 5-10% of inbound chat dialogues and require extensive machine learning iteration. The time and effort it takes to setup and maintain a bot-only system, combined with the limited resolution capacity, make bot-only solutions a "band aid" fix more than a viable customer support strategy.

At Simplr, our aim is to handle 60-80% of incoming chats and email inquiries by leveraging our available resources, leading to a more mutually beneficial pricing model and a better support experience for all parties.