Does Simplr offer phone support?

Our service is designed to provide best-in-class support for non-voice inquiries (i.e. chat, email). Support is trending away from phone calls and more towards live chat, email, and SMS:

  1. 78% of customers prefer a customer support channel other than the phone, with live chat being the #1 choice.
  2. Email, chat, and SMS as a percentage of support inquiries is growing rapidly worldwide. They're also the most efficient channels when handling 24/7/365 coverage.

Currently, two-thirds of retail and e-commerce businesses exclusively use voice or email for customer support. It is challenging to scale in-house operations to meet the demands of customers for multiple channels, especially if phone support is one of those channels. 

Businesses that offer a broad range of online communication choices resolve inquiries with greater ease and convert more browsers to purchasers.